About Me

Hi, I'm Chris, an iOS codeslinger and part time renegade, and previously a front-end web ninja. This is where I store a few things I've made, wrote about, or have done — my small pocket on the web. Find out more about me

Founding member of Tinder as a mobile software engineer (iOS).

To the greatest people

I have the great honor and privilege to learn from amazing people such as @badeen, @dodgio, @estebanuribe, @r0unak and @garohussenjian. I am forever thankful to have worked with @xtopherpaul, @mikegottschalk, @paul_cafardo, @joshavant, @patrickmick, and the amazing guru @sgkochan.

Forever thankful to @seanrad and to @badeen for giving me a chance when I did not yet know how to build iOS apps. Wouldn't have gotten to know and work with such great people if it weren't for these two.

Now — What I'm up to

I am currently living with my wonderful wife and two fuzzy doggos in Los Angeles, CA.

Lately, I've gotten really into AI image generation. It's absolutely fascinating to ask what basically is a Pandora's box of machine learning training what it thinks of what things look like, impossible things such as "calmness, peace, eternity, beauty" along with a topic of some kind.

You can follow along with my journey on Instagram or on Twitter

A landscape oriented image of the interior of a cave, viewing out toward the mouth. Within the cave is water, linked to the ocean outside. There are a lot of small rocks and boulders around us, and right in front of us, still within the cave and inside the mouth, is a sphere that is growing from a tree anchored into the rocks below. Within the sphere is the top of the tree, and above the tree are mountains with the moon above it, all still enclosed in the sphere. The entire image is deeply saturated with a warm, reddish glow and light.

A landscape oriented image of an island with giant pine trees to the left and right, and some smaller trees that have orange leaves in front of those pine trees. There is a break in the center of the trees that shows a faraway mountain, and above the mountain in the sky are aurora borealis, green and aqua tint. Above the trees, and spanning from the left side to the right, is an aurora rainbow that makes a semicircle curve.

Software — I build things

ffwd iOS music player Enjoy your music library in a whole new way. Featuring beautiful artist backgrounds and fluid 3D animations, ffwd is a new way to interact with and enjoy your music, learn more about your artists, and quickly find the music you want to listen to.

See a demo and learn more at ffwdapp.com

Mobile Music Player Experiment (iPhone/iPod Touch only) - HTML5, CSS and JS based mobile music player for iPhone.

Sorry, you must be using an iPhone or iPod touch to view this link. Please view http://pocketlim.com/player on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Flash-free playback. HTML5 standards support needed
  • Fixed header and player
  • Scrollable playlist of music
  • Touch to select song
  • Pause, Play, Fwd/Back navigation
  • Progress bar, with streaming progress and play progress

You can even add it to your homescreen by hitting + (custom icon and splash screen, whee!) but you lose background music playing, thanks to Apple's no-multitasking for webapps design.

Trackpad Magic - (Note: Outdated) A small utility that I wrote to solve an issue with my laptop trackpad and my palms. Many thanks to the handful of people that have emailed me about this program and have helped me to get it working on their systems!

Latest Update - 5/22/2010: Removed Apple specific code and made the program accessible to all laptops. Now asks you, the user, to tell it which External USB mouse you have. Still supports 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows.

Photography — I shoot pictures

Why I love shooting RAW (and also Photoshop Lightroom):

If you've always wondered why people take the time to shoot RAW, then spend hours afterward meticulously tweaking and editing the photos, let me give you a small example why to do it. This shot was taken in a really dark area, no flash and not much ambient light. Click on the photo to see the difference.

This particular photo took less than 2 minutes to edit in Photoshop Lightroom. I love RAW :)

Lim's Pocket of Photos - I dig photography.

Temple - Seoul, Korea

A little pond on top of the world - Zamboanga, Philippines

Travel — I go places

To Far Away Worlds - A little trip I took.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy - My favorite spot

Recommended — You go places